Q: I have had a bankruptcy; can I still get a vehicle loan?
A: Yes, I work with many different lenders to get you the vehicle you deserve and start you on the road to rebuilding your credit!

Q: How long does it take to get a new vehicle?
A: Usually 1 business day from the time you provide me your pay stubs

Q: What do I need to Qualify?
A: 2 Pay stubs, a letter of employment & a utility bill showing your address.

Q: Do I need a down payment?
A: In many situations you can get into your new vehicle with no money down.

Q: I have no credit, can you help?
A: There are many programs available to help you purchase your first vehicle.

Q: I am new to Canada, Can you help?
A: There are programs designed especially for you to help build your Canadian credit history.

Q: Do you take trades? What if I still owe money on my trade?
A: Yes we take trades! Do not worry if you owe money, in most cases we can apply the negative or positive equity towards your new payment!

Q: What is the Interest Rate?
A: Rates will vary; this depends on your current credit status. I will work with you to obtain the best rate possible. Still have a question that is not listed on the list above? Click here to contact us with your question now!

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